Celebrating Nigerian Folk Tales in Nigerian…

Celebrating Nigerian folk tales in Nigeria sounds like a fantastic idea! It would be a beautiful way to honor the rich cultural heritage and storytelling traditions of Nigeria. What specifically are you planning?

Ah, got it! How about hosting a storytelling event where people can gather to share and listen to Nigerian folk tales? You could also incorporate traditional music, dance, and art to create an immersive experience. It would be a wonderful celebration of Nigerian culture and storytelling.

Your mother was an agricultural scientist, and your father was a chief or judge in Nigeria when you were born. This suggests some privileges. What motivated you to pursue a career in writing or art?Yes,

I had a wealthy childhood, but it also limited my freedom from frivolous things in life.


I therefore found comfort in different places and spent my days fantasising. I spent much of my time in my imagination, conjuring up scenarios and making escapes from the confines of my reality into whimsical and free places. I travelled to America as a teenager to pursue my studies in architecture, and as a result, I innately challenged the rules and regulations of my field.


There is no difference in my opinion between writing, art, and architecture. I get inspiration from the things that I consider essential, such as living and