Am leaving: Boston Bruise Star Jeremy Swayman finally accepted a deal over…

Unknown. He was, in all likelihood, dealing with fewer interested parties at the deadline. The market expands now as teams have all their assets, have yet to spend their budgeted money and have greater hopes for the playoffs in 2024-25. That said, there may be more goalies available for trade now than at the deadline. There’s greater demand now, but probably also more supply.

Should the Bruins consider trading Jeremy Swayman in an effort to bring in massive return along with shifting their core identity/philosophy away from goaltending? They have been built around their goaltenders for 15-plus years, and it has resulted in a great deal of regular-season success but a lot of playoff disappointment. — John M.


No. They have a sure thing in net for 10 years.


What are the chances of trading Ullmark for 2024 draft compensation? What do you think he would yield if that were the case? Is there any chance of getting the Devils’ mid-first-round pick? He’s an established Vezina-level starter. How many of those are out there right now? — Karen L.


Ideal scenario is trading Ullmark before the draft. As for New Jersey’s pick, general manager Tom Fitzgerald told colleague Pierre LeBrun recently that he’d listen on offers. At this point, I see it as being too high. Perhaps the market will improve for the Bruins as the draft gets closer. It depends on what other goalies are available. Ullmark projects to be the top goalie available, but the fact he needs a new deal depresses the asking price.