Am leaving; Daniel Jones accepted a deal over..

When he wasn’t moving around with purpose in the field, the normally stoic Jones, when taking to the podium, struggled to keep his feelings in check.

“I’m focused on what I need to do,” Jones said in his first public comments since the draft. “That’s part of it. I’m focused on playing the best football I can play. I’m always motivated. I consider myself a really driven guy. I’m always going to work as hard as I possibly can.”

He also admitted he wasn’t fired up about the reports that the Giants were looking to draft a quarterback in the first round, even slightly snapping at a reporter who asked him if he took the Giants’ intentions personally.

And yes, that would also seem to include the Giants brass, who, after what some believe was an unusually heavy and thorough look at the quarterbacks in this year’s draft class (which general manager Joe Schoen claimed was merely due diligence), tried to trade up in this year’s draft to have a chance at former North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye.

“Privately, all offseason long, he’s been telling people he is as motivated as ever,” Meirov said. “The negativity, the talk about drafting a quarterback with the sixth overall pick–that lit a fire in a player like him, and he wants to prove everybody wrong a year after getting that big contract.”