Am leaving Trey Hendrickson Accepted a deal over…

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow publicly supported teammates Tee Higgins and Trey Hendrickson in their efforts to secure longer-term and more lucrative deals by making trade requests.

“Those guys have their business they need to take care of. I support them in every way,” Burrow told Cincinnati media in a Tuesday press conference (h/t Bengals senior writer¬†Geoff Hobson).

“Both those guys have earned everything that has come to them and more. I’ll support them all the way through it. Whatever they feel like is best for their career. That’s for them and their agents and their families to decide.

“But we are here to win football games. I really hope both those guys are here next year because we are a better football team with both of them. They are both great locker room guys, too. They are going to do what they’ve got to do, but when the time comes for them to come back, if that time comes, we are going to welcome them back and hit our stride.”