The Los Angeles Rams, unlike pretty much every other NFL team, were not trying to hide essential fantasy intelligence from us last summer

Throughout the 2023 offseason, the Rams just kept telling us that Matthew Stafford was healthy and throwing like the vintage version of himself (which proved accurate), that Puka Nacua was absolutely feasting in camp (which carried over to the regular season in spectacular fashion) and that Kyren Williams was surging and headed for significant usage (information that might have won you a fantasy title if you were listening).

Basically, the Rams told no lies in the summer of 2023. If you simply listened to what they were screaming at us, you were a winner in fantasy football. Sean McVay’s team engaged in very little of the silly, performative secrecy that’s so common in the NFL. It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that the best fantasy draft prep you could have done last August was simply to get caught up on Rams news, directly from team sources.

Obviously, it’s insane that the NFL is now a league in which franchises treat roster and injury information like nuclear launch codes, but that’s the current state of things. Last summer, the Rams proved to be an exception. A lot of good things were happening in camp, and they willingly shared the details.