Announcement; Coach Brad Underwood was fired earlier today after Confronting the…

Duke basketball star Kyle Filipowski found himself nursing his knee after Wake Forest fans rushed the floor following the Demon Deacons’ recent win over the eighth-ranked Blue Devils. Shortly after an on-court collision left him hobbled, Filipowski called for more protection for the players.


“Just trying to get my way off the court, and you know, you’ve got these crazy college students just doing whatever they want. It’s got to be a little more protective when things like that happen,” the Duke star noted.


Court-storming has been widely discussed in the days since Duke’s visit to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Illinois coach Brad Underwood recently joined OutKick’s “Don’t @ Me with Dan Dakich”, and while he did not completely object to students and fans rushing the court, he did echo Filipowski’s sentiments about implementing more advanced protective measures.

Underwood acknowledged that Illinois fans have sprinted onto the court following a big win. He also noted that a “fine line” certainly exists when it comes to thousands of excited fans wanting to storm a basketball court.


“We’ve done (court-storming) here. We’ve had it done to us. The thing that scares me the most today is we have so much anger and hate sometimes that somebody is really going to get hurt … and I think that’s where we really have to be sensitive.”


“To me college is about creating memories and so many memories coming from sporting events … so it’s a fine line.”