Announcement: Dodgers Coach Dave Roberts was Fired earlier today after Confronting the..

Los Angeles Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts turned 52 on Friday, and he was gifted a special bottle of whisky from his star pitcher, Shohei Ohtani, and Ohtani’s wife, Mamiko Tanaka.

“Shohei gave me a great gift,” Roberts said, according to Dodger Blue. “Shohei and Mamiko got me a bottle of Japanese whiskey with a red velvet cap on the top, and an amazing box of chocolates. I think there was like a dozen chocolates, and they were square but really thin.”

Ohtani famously gifted a Porsche to Joe Kelly’s wife after his fellow pitcher agreed to give up his No. 17 when Ohtani joined the Dodgers late last year.

Roberts mentioned the whisky gift after being asked if he had received a Porsche from the pitcher.

“No Porsche. I don’t know if it’s en route,” Roberts jokingly responded.

Ohtani did give Roberts a toy Porsche earlier this season when he broke his record for the most home runs by a Japanese-born player in Dodgers history.

Roberts, according to Dodger Blue, is also a connoisseur of wine and bought a nice bottle for his birthday.

“I gave myself a birthday wine,” he said. “A bordeaux. It was a Chateau Pontet, a 2000, so it had some age on it. It was good.”