Announcement: Kansas city Star Travis Kelce Announce is resignation and departure from the Team after Confronting the…

Travis Kelce has been feeling like he’s on top of the world lately, and his relationship with Taylor Swift is certainly a hug factor, in addition to the massive strides he’s been making in his professional life.


In a recent interview with Good Morning America published on Thursday, June 6, the NFL superstar, 34, reflected on the recent global spotlight that’s been on him in light of his relationship with the international pop sensation, also 34.

I’m so fortunate, so grateful of everything that come my life in life,” the Super Bowl champ expressed, adding, “I feel like I’m on top of the mountain, even after winning the Super Bowl and having the off-season that I’m having.”


Kelce has indeed been, as he declared, “living the dream.” Apart from his second consecutive Super Bowl win and globe-trotting alongside Swift on her ongoing Eras Tour, Kelce has also forayed into Hollywood. Most recently, he bagged a role in producer Ryan Murphy’s FX horror series, Grotesquerie.


Reflecting on how he’s staying “grounded” with this newfound worldwide attention, Kelce said, “When you have good family and friends around you, it makes that aspect in life that much easier.”

He humorously recounted: “I caught s— for that,” and added, “I made sure because of what happened last time and how embarrassed I was for going to the White House, with an expired ID, I made sure that I brought my passport this time so that it showed that I was a citizen in Missouri.”


The 34-year-old NFL player also emphasized the importance of ensuring that he had the proper documentation during his most recent visit. He explained, “And I was official, and I was legit, and I was doing things the right way because everyone has to do that at the White House.”