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Injured Broncos star Adam Reynolds has left fans and commentators in awe of his grit having thrown his body into a desperate tackle only seconds after tearing his bicep, which will see him ruled out for at least 12 weeks. The Broncos were dealt a devastating blow to their NRL title hopes after halfback Reynolds limped off the field having torn his bicep making a tackle at the beginning of the second half.

The Broncos folded to the Roosters in a 40-18 thrashing with Jesse Arthurs also leaving the field due to a broken jaw. Reece Walsh also endured a poor night in the drubbing. And while Kevin Walters and the Broncos fan base are ruing the loss of their general for the next three months at least, Reynolds’ commitment to the team can not be doubted after a missed moment in second-half

In the 44th minute, Reynolds was seen behind play clutching at his arm. NRL legend Andrew Johns quickly called Reynolds’ injury. “The way he is holding that arm, it is a pec or a bicep,” Johns said straight away. He then made his way to the wing behind play to get back into the defensive line. The Roosters attacked the blindside with the Broncos a man down.