Breaking News; Brandon Aiyuk Takes Issue With the 49ers Regarding Trade Rumors Saying…

Aiyuk commented on an Instagram post that suggested the 49ers and the Washington Commanders were in talks on a trade involving Aiyuk before the NFL draft. The Commanders elected not to pull the trigger as the 49ers were likely asking for too much from them for Aiyuk.

Whether it was legitimate or just listening to offers on this trade scenario, it was enough for Aiyuk to feel triggered to the point that he had to comment. Of course, there is always the idea that he could be totally fine and is stoking the flame more between himself and the 49ers.

But at this point, I’d say Aiyuk is pretty annoyed with the franchise. The fact he sought out at meeting with the 49ers is proof enough that he is feeling some sort of disrespect to a certain degree with them. The more this plays out, the more it feels hopeless that the 49ers and Aiyuk will come to an agreement on a contract extension.

I’d imagine that the meeting on Monday involved the 49ers reiterating how much they love Aiyuk and want to retain him, but only at their number on the extension. Aiyuk may very well be the first player the 49ers let play out the final year of his rookie deal after attempting negotiations.