Breaking News: Kansas city Coach Andy Reid was Fired earlier today after Confronting the…

To remember how you began in life before being successful is a great way to recall how you also came from humble beginnings. Coach Andy Reid knows that perfectly well as someone just reminded him a time in which he used to sell hot dogs at San Francisco State University when he was that school’s offensive line coach. Reid was recently in an episode of ‘Y’s Guys‘ to talk about his success and also a little bit about his past. During the interview, coach Reid was asked if he remembered selling these hot dogs on the weekends during his San Francisco State days in order to raise money for the program. The coach smiled and went on story time mode.

Not only did coach Andy Reid smile when he was asked that question, he released a small chuckle that made us relize he remembers this with utter fondness. It’s always amazing to see someone wildly successful come back to ground and talk about their beginnings. This is what coach Reid said in the interview: “I remember it very well. So at San Francisco State, Tom was actually playing for the 49ers at that time and – at San Francisco State we sold hot dogs every Tuesday and Thursday, just to make money to support the players during training camp and buy their food for them.”

After many years, the Kansas City Chiefs’ coach is now one of the most successful in NFL history and he seems with enough energy to keep trying to get a hold of coach Bill Belichick’s record. Currently, the Chiefs have three Super Bowl rings under his guidance and they are three shy of the New England Patriots during their dynasty. With Patrick Mahomes and other players still young, coach Andy Reid will have a shot at getting to those stats within the next decade. Do you think Reid has what it takes to lead the Kansas City Chiefs to at least another three rings?