Brisbane Broncos coach Kevin Walters was fired after Confronting the….

League great Mark Geyer has taken aim at Broncos management and claimed Kevin Walters’ tenure as Brisbane coach is “doomed before it starts” if he isn’t given total control at Red Hill.

Walters had a Saturday afternoon out at Eagle Farm cancelled by club bosses in the wake of their derby loss to the Gold Coast.

That prompted Brisbane legend Gorden Tallis to take aim at Broncos’ management

Tallis said the Broncos were “about to implode” and compelled them to give Walters total support and allow him to bring the club’s old boys and current crop of players closer together.


“The people above Kevvie need to support him,” Tallis said. “They need to get behind him and give him the tools to shine.”


But Corey Parker hit back on Fox League’s Big League Wrap, saying the club’s obsession with its old boys was unhealthy.

“Why are we making a song and dance over a race day that got cancelled,

I think you make a decision on what’s in the best interest of the team.


“If the old boys are fair dinkum and they want to turn up and support the team.”


But speaking on Triple M, Geyer sided with Tallis and predicted a bleak outlook for the remainder of Walters’ two-year contract if thing don’t change dramatically.


“If Kevvie Walters doesn’t have total autonomy in Brisbane like last year (Anthony) Seibold didn’t have it, then his tenure is doomed before it starts,” Geyer said.


“That’s worrying. Corey Parker then returned serve on Fox later on at night and there’s the conundrum with the Broncos – they’ve got two old boys who can’t agree.


“You’ve got Gordie saying that and Corey Parker saying how is a race going to fix things?


I’ll tell you how it’ll fix it is, one thing in rugby league that never changes no matter how much we get and it’s the interaction with ex-players and the current players when they are struggling.