Caitlin Clark has got Aliyah Boston’s back and this is how she showed it as they…

In any team sport, there are always stars who garner more attention than others such that they become the central focus of both fans and analysts alike. On the other hand, a team is and always will be a sum of its parts and Caitlin Clark is about making that clear.


Caitlin Clark wants equal attention for her teammates

On Thursday night, the Indiana Fever fell to the Seattle Storm in a game that ended 89-77. Indeed, despite the presence of rookie sensation Caitlin Clark and her star teammate Aliyah Boston, the Fever were unable to get the result. Yet, it’s got to be said that the loss had no effect on the relationship that has developed between two of Indiana’s most critical players.

That notion was clearly on display during the postgame press conference when Clark appeared to redirect the focus on her toward her more experienced teammate who was sitting silently next to her while reviewing the stat sheet. “Ask Aliyah a question,” Clark said, to which Boston nonchalantly responded with “No, I’m good,” seemingly resigned to the intense media focus on her younger teammate. Clark for her part was not having it and continued to insist at which point the next reporter directed a question regarding practice to Boston.