Carolina Hurricanes captain Jordan Staal Apologize for the disappointment they…

Carolina Hurricanes captain Jordan Staal was once again a dependable defensive piece this season.


While his overall offensive production continued to decrease, his shutdown game was still very good.


After registering some of the best possession numbers of his career, Staal finished second in Selke voting, the highest he’s ever been for that award.


The Canes held their first round of exit interviews on Saturday following the conclusion of their 2023-24 season which ended after losing in six games to the New York Rangers in the second round of the playoffs.

On if he feels the season was a disappointment or if he can take any positives from it: I mean, it’s close to disappointment. Our standards are really high here. It’s hard to win it all but you’re hoping to. There’s definitely some disappointment. I thought we had a great group. I thought we battled hard obviously but came up short. It’s part of the game, trying to get better and we have to find ways to get better. I know this group might change this summer as well. It’s unfortunate and is what is most disappointing. It’s just kind of sad really.

On potentially losing pieces of the core group: That’s what’s kind of more disappointing about this year. Last year, we knew we had a lot of guys coming back and we knew what kind of group we had. Do I think we can keep a lot of those guys? Yeah, I think we can. There’s some room there and I know that group wants more here for the Hurricanes and wants to be around for it. We’ll see how it all unfolds. Obviously it’s out of my paygrade, but personally I’d love to keep everyone in that room. We’re very close and a great team and a lot of fun to be a part of.