Chase Young has been suspended after….

  • Chase Young signing with the New Orleans Saints was the team’s biggest splash in free agency, but it didn’t come without some drawbacks. Young needing neck surgery has taken some of the shine away from the signing, however, he remains the biggest name they signed this offseason.


But there are some analysts still criticizing the move. Bleacher Report’s Alex Kay says it was a bad decision for both, and that Young picked the wrong team:

Kay comes to this conclusion even factoring Young’s neck surgery. Yes, Young is likely a one-year rental. It can be a Band-Aid until next year or maybe it’s security in case the Saints can’t get an edge rusher in the NFL draft. Projecting the future beyond this season for a player on a one year contract feels unfair. Maybe his tone will change when he realizes the contract isn’t fully guaranteed.


But Kay doesn’t explain how Young chose the wrong team, instead focusing on how the Saints chose the wrong player and contract. The Saints aren’t in a position to lay down and give up just because Kirk Cousins makes the NFC South more difficult. Nothing about how the Saints have constructed their roster says to give up on 2024. They aren’t Super Bowl contenders, but they remain in the divisional race. Chase Young was signed to put the best quality on the field this year which is always the goal.