Dallas cowboys couch Mike McCarthy was fired due to…..see…more..

The Dallas Cowboys had everything in front of them. A minimum of two home playoff games after surging to the No. 2 seed. Avoiding the 49ers until the NFC Championship Game. A favorable draw against a hot, but overachieving Packers team that fields the youngest roster in the NFL. Despite all of that, Mike McCarthy’s team wet the bed to the highest extreme.

There’s obviously a ton of blame to go around. Dan Quinn should be near the top of the list after his defense got absolutely worked against Jordan Love and a bunch of first- and second-year receivers. and Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb picked the wrong time to have their worst games of the season.
McCarthy has to top the list, though. The Cowboys unraveled after they fell down 14-0 early in the second quarter and McCarthy curled up into a shell as a play-caller at the first sight of adversity. Again.

We hate — absolutely hate — to call for someone to lose their job, but Sunday should be McCarthy’s final game as Cowboys head coach. If Jerry Jones had any sense, he’d already have Bill Belichick on the phone discussing a contract.