LeBron James expresses frustration after the Nuggets swept the Lakers again over the….


The struggle is real for LeBron James at Los Angeles Lakers, his team just got swept for the second stright year by the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Playoffs. He hadn’t openly talked about it with a clear head and he purposedly left his overall thoughts for his new podcast with J.J. Reddick. During Wednesday’s ‘Mind the Game‘ podcast, LeBron James finally addressed the painful defeat and gave credit where credit is due. During the series, Jamal Murray was the most important clutch player against the Lakers and James made sure he got his flowers. But throughtout the statement, James was clearly frustrated by the Lakers’ performance.

James said: “Murray had two game-winners in the series. One was a step-back going right, the other was a step-back going left. So, what the f–k do you do? And yes, we could have played the last one a little better defensively. But that’s a different story. It starts with Joker, but I don’t think Jamal Murray gets enough credit. People get caught up in just thinking it’s just Joker, Joker, Joker. How do you stop Joker. Man, when it comes to nut-crunching time, yes, Joker gonna make a lot of plays. It’s that motherf–ker Jamal Murray that will send you home, and I’m a victim of it. He just makes plays. It’s a sense of calmness when the ball is in his hand… he has the ability to go back door. He’s so shifty, with the step-backs, going right. You can’t even dictate which way.