Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay was fired earlier today after Confronting the…

Our friends over at Sportsnaut came out with their latest NFL Coaching Rankings, and Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay ranked in the Top 5, but did he rank high enough?


McVay came in the 3rd spot behind Andy Reid (1) and Kyle Shanahan (2). Before we dive into whether or not Sean McVay should be ranked higher than Shanahan, here is the reasoning from Sportsnaut

Firstly, the Matthew Stafford sweepstakes. Both head coaches were vying for the opportunity to trade for Stafford and bring him to their respective teams. By the grace of tequila and salesmanship that only McVay can provide, a deal was done with the Rams.


Secondly, in the NFC Championship game. Shanahan may have McVay’s number in the regular season, but when all the chips were on the table for a trip to the Super Bowl, Sean McVay and company came out victorious.


You can also debate the fact that Shanahan has had unworldly talent at every level of the defense, a very solid offensive line, the best running back in football of late, top-end talent at wide receiver and tight end, and the fact that he passed on Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Lamar Jackson, Jordan Love, and traded three first-round picks for Trey Lance…but we will just go with the two arguments above.

Of the best NFL coaches in 2024, Sean McVay is probably the one we’d most want to play for. In 2023, he completely transformed his offense and adapted to what he had to work with on the Los Angeles Rams roster. He’s also the youngest NFL coach to win a Super Bowl (36 years old). Plus, McVay is one of just nine head coaches in NFL history with a .600-plus winning percentage in the regular season and playoffs across five-plus seasons. (Vince Lombardi, Curly Lambeau, Andy Reid, Bruce Arians, George Halas, Bill Belichick, Joe Gibbs and Bill Walsh).


McVay has already demonstrated that he can make massive changes to his offense in order to adjust to both his personnel and what NFL defenses throw at him. That’s crucial for long-term success. He maximizes the players on the roster and he seems to be very well-liked by everyone he works with. The only shame for football is that McVay, now 38, has made it clear he won’t coach into his 60s