Los Angeles Rams: Top 4 Questionable Contracts – Are They Worth Big Money?..

Nobody wants to talk about money, but the Los Angeles Rams are repeat offenders when it comes to drafting deals too early, too late, or just too much. While they have done an admirable job weathering the dead money left over from the Todd Gurley contract. And the Brandin Cooks. And the Jared Goff contract. And the Jalen Ramsey contract.


But they continue to craft bad contracts that limit their salary cap efficiency and ability to add high-end free agents and extend worthy players. So lets take a look at the worst deals currently on the Rams books.

Joseph Noteboom was drafted in 2018 to be the heir apparent to the aging Andrew Whitworth. Whitworth played fantastically until he retired in 2021. This forced the Rams hand in extending the former third-round pick. In 2022, he signed a 3-year $40 million deal despite never having been the chosen starter. He proved to be a quality backup, but nothing more.

Jonah Jackson just became a Ram this spring when they added the 5th year former 3rd round pick. His addition came just days after the Rams re-signed Kevin Dotson, making him the fourth-highest-paid right guard in the NFL. They then doubled down when adding Jackson by making him the third-highest-paid left guard in the league.


As it stands now, the Rams have the most expensive offense in the league and the 4th most expensive offensive line. (And that’s with Steve Avila on his rookie contract and Jackson still on a bargain deal.)