Mark Pope: Transfer portal news, 2024 roster, targets, recruits by top UK experts, Check list..

Even with the Kentucky Derby in the rearview mirror and the PGA championship taking place in Louisville next week, Kentucky Wildcats basketball is still the main driver of conversation in the Bluegrass State. The Kentucky Wildcats roster changed from longtime coach John Calipari to alum Mark Pope, with the latter departing his post at BYU. While Pope won a national championship at UK as a player in 1996, he’s never won an NCAA Tournament game in nine years as a head coach. He’s hoping to stockpile the Kentucky basketball team with top Kentucky basketball recruits and transfers to aid him in getting that first win, and many more.


It’s not just a hope for Pope, it’s a mandate as thanks to eligibility expirations, declarations to the NBA Draft and the college basketball transfer portal, Pope inherited a Kentucky basketball roster with zero scholarship players. He’s fully embraced the transfer portal, but there’s still plenty of work to do to replace an entire Kentucky basketball lineup. If you love the Wildcats, or just want the latest roster updates and college basketball transfer portal news, be sure to see what the proven team of insiders are saying at CatsPause, the 247Sports affiliate that covers Kentucky.