MLB:San Francisco Giants Linked As Trade Suitor For Pete Alonso for the game against…..see more…

The San Francisco Giants are being viewed as a team that could make a big move ahead of the MLB trade deadline, however, no one knows whether that will be to sell or buy talent.

Some have speculated the Giants could try to trade some of their current players.

Names who have been thrown around are Michael Conforto, Blake Snell, and Matt Chapman. That doesn’t seem to be the most likely course of action.

Instead, it seems much more probable that San Francisco will try to be buyers ahead of the deadline.

MLB insider Jon Heyman thinks the Giants are a team to watch when it comes to New York Mets star first baseman Pete Alonso.

“I wouldn’t rule it out. The Giants have been aggressive, they certainly added late, getting Chapman, they got Snell.”

Heyman went on explaining why San Francisco could make sense as a suitor for Alonso.

“They’re in the thick of the race right now, right? The San Francisco Giants, they have that last wild card spot at this point, so, I think they’re more buyer than seller. There are a lot of teams right on that cusp, are they a buyer or seller? A lot of it has not shaken out yet.”

Some things have changed in the standings since Heyman made his stateent, but the Giants are in the mix of a race for the Wild Card nonetheless. If they play their cards right, turning the season around and getting into the postseason is a real possibility.

Alonso would be a massive addition for San Francisco, bringing much-needed power to the lineup. The threat of having him alone would be a major impact.

Throughout the 2024 season thus far with the Mets, Alonso is slashing .238/.315/.477 to go along with 14 home runs and 31 RBIs. He hasn’t been amazing, but his numbers aren’t shabby.

A change of scenery might help him as well.

The question would then become, would the Giants look to keep Alonso long-term?

They have been aggressive in searching for a big bat in recent history, so signing him to a long-term deal would make sense.

All of that being said, it will be interesting to see what San Francisco ends up doing at the deadline.

They could still rebound and get back on track to work their way into contention. Acquiring Alonso would help them towards that goal in a big way, which could make them a threat to trade for him.