New York giants; to call Malik Nabers back to the team after the suspension he had through…

You know, that’s just me. When I’m out there on the field, just everything I do is just me,” Nabers said. “I can’t really say, ‘I can bring it to the NFL.’ I can only just play at my level of competition.

“That was one of those days I was playing at a high level. I’m just glad I got to showcase that with the team. That was really it.”

It’s not just while working with the first-team offense as the team’s No. 1 receiver that Nabers stands out; he does so in individual drills as well. He grabbed the ball out of the air while reaching one-handed behind his head as the rest of his teammates did special teams drills.

But his speed is what really makes Nabers special.

“He’s quick. He’s definitely quick. And a lot of DBs will have to deal with it,” said Flott, who has worked against Nabers this spring.