Rams News: What Is LA’s Biggest Reason For Success Heading Into 2024? As they…

As the Los Angeles Rams get ready for the new season, they are reminded of how hard it can be to reach the mountaintop. Just a few seasons ago, the Rams won the Super Bowl, only to then miss the playoffs the year after.


Success isn’t an easy thing to accomplish in the NFL but the Rams are hopeful that they can build upon their surprising playoff berth last year. Heading into 2024, Los Angeles believes that they are in a place to contend again, giving them hope for the season

They still have stars along the roster, giving more credibility to the team. Dalton Wasserman of Pro Football Focus listed Matthew Stafford and Sean McVay as the main reasons for the Rams to be optimistic heading into the season.


“NFL football is a complicated game, but if a team has an elite quarterback and head coach, they will probably be fine. Such is the case in Los Angeles, where Matthew Stafford and Sean McVay remain in the fold. Expectations were low heading into last season after a disastrous 2022, as there were legitimate doubts about the offensive line and a ton of young players starting on defense.”


Even with All-Pro defensive tackle Aaron Donald retiring this offseason, the Rams should still be able to be one of the better teams in the NFC. Having Stafford and McVay at the helm gives them a real chance to win each time out.