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According to BurkholderButker swiftly dashed towards the training room to alert staff members of the situation, enabling them to swiftly respond before matters escalated.

Were Butker’s quick reactions lifesaving?

Despite Thompson’s ordeal, which included him going into cardiac arrest, Burkholder and his team managed to revive the 25-year-old defensive end using CPR and administering one AED shock.

Following the incident, Thompson was promptly transported to a nearby hospital, where Burkholder reported that he is now in much improved condition.

“He’s alert,” stated the Chiefs official. “He’s awake. He’s responding well.”

Burkholder also mentioned that at present, the exact cause of the medical emergency remains unknown.

“He’s making significant progress in his recovery,” he concluded.

Kansas City Chiefs trainer Rick Burkholder hailed Harrison Butker as a hero, disclosing on Friday how the kicker played a crucial role in saving a teammate who experienced a medical emergency the day before.


Burkholder recounted to a gathering of reporters that when BJ Thompson suffered a sudden seizure during a special teams meeting at the Chiefs’ practice facility, it was Butker who sprang into action to seek assistance