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The 23-year-old Jackson made a virtual court appearance in March for his sentencing proceedings, as delineated in online court records, where he pleaded guilty to a solitary misdemeanor charge of assault.

Following the pronouncement of his sentence, Jackson Mahomes was handed over to the custody of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, entrusted with the task of assessing his eligibility for work release.

The legal saga unfurled over a span of more than two months, during which prosecutors opted to drop three felony charges of aggravated sexual assault.

These allegations stemmed from accusations that Jackson Mahomes forcibly grasped a woman by the neck and forcibly kissed her within the confines of an Overland Park, Kansas, eatery in February 2023. Mahomes received a sentence of six months’ probation in connection with the alleged assault on a woman.

Randi Mahomes has since been on ‘The Mom Game’ podcast and talked about how tough her son has had it recently.