Report: Stephen Curry sign a four years contract with Denver nugget worth over…

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry has signed a new long-term extension with Under Armour that will extend beyond his playing days and into his retirement.

Although exact terms were not disclosed, the new agreement could be one of the richest-ever endorsement deals in sports once annual base pay, stock equity, royalties on signature products and on-court incentive bonuses are tallied.

The growth potential of the stock awarded and expected annual compensation could see Curry earn more from the Under Armour extension than from his NBA contracts, which will total more than $473 million through the 2025-26 season.

“There’s always been a continuation [in mind] with Stephen,” Under Armour founder Kevin Plank said. “I couldn’t imagine Under Armour without Stephen, or Stephen without Under Armour.”

Plank said that specified performance-based revenue targets would trigger clauses to continually extend Curry’s contract, saying it has the potential to be a lifetime deal.

Phil de Picciotto, the Octagon agency president and founder who negotiated on behalf of Curry, framed the structure as a “really comprehensive deal” that is “meant to stand the ages.”

“Belief is a big part of who I am on and off the court,” Curry said. “I believe in Under Armour and Curry Brand, the team now in place, and what we’re doing together. We share a vision for a big future ahead.”

Said Plank: “Why equity was such an important part of this is that Curry Brand and Under Armour are meant to help each other equally throughout this. We’re going to build a kick-ass, long-term,