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Georgia football head coach Kirby Smart did not hold back when he expressed how ready he is to play the 2024 college football season.

Georgia football head coach Kirby Smart can be described as a lot of things and competitive is one of the big ones. It’s an attribute that is essentially a prerequisite to be as successful as he currently is in college football. And while the month of June hasn’t even arrived yet, Coach Smart is ready to get back to playing football and stop all of the talking.

Paul Finebaum sat down with several SEC coaches and Coach Smart was one of them. The Georgia ball coach got into a discussion about the upcoming season and not only did he show how excited he is for this year, but he’s tired of all of the offseason talk.

“I’m so excited to go out there and get an opportunity to play,” Smart said. “I’m tired of all of the talk about NIL, and all of the talk about portal and all of the complaining. Let’s go play football. Let’s get our team against their team and let’s go see where we stand and let’s go play.”

The transfer portal and NIL have definitely dominated the offseason as that’s what conversations resort to when football isn’t on TV. They are two of the most pressing issues in the sport right now, and someone like Coach Smart gets pressed about ways to fix it or what he does or does not like about it. Georgia has figured out how to remain successful in this time of college football, and Coach Smart wants to kick off the season and forget about everything else.