SAD NEWS:Davis Schneider Have been suspended after Confronting the Coach on….

Davis Schneider used to fall asleep with the Green Monster in his room.

A mural of the iconic, 37-foot tall left-field wall at Fenway Park in Boston was painted by his father across from the bunk beds and beside the window of the baseball-themed bedroom he shared with his older brother, Steven.

While the rest of the Schneider household loved the Phillies — their home in Berlin, N.J., was just a half-hour drive from Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia — Steven was a Red Sox fan whose favourite players were Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz.

For Schneider, getting the call to the big leagues last August after improbably climbing up the organizational ranks seven years after being drafted in the 28th round was a dream of its own.

Davis and Steven were also close with their sisters. When Davis arrived seven years after Madeline, the eldest of four, everything changed for the Schneider siblings.


“He was the quintessential little brother. He was annoying as hell sometimes,” Madeline, now a 31-year-old accountant in New York, says. “I love him to death. But he can be so annoying.”


Part of the annoyance came naturally as the youngest sibling. He didn’t have to do as many chores, he got a cellphone earlier than anyone else did and his parents were generally more lenient with him.