San Francisco 49ers Kyle Shanahan Coach was fired earlier today after Confronting the…

The 49ers like to talk about how much success they’ve had the past seven years under head coach Kyle Shanahan.

They’ve built elite offenses and defenses. They’ve gone to four NFC Championships and two Super Bowls. They’ve regained their place as a marquee franchise. But success in the NFL ultimately is measured by one thing: Lombardi Trophies. And the 49ers have none under Shanahan.

That’s why’s Adam Rank says a successful 2024 season for the 49ers entails winning it all, and nothing less.

“The 49ers have been close the past couple of seasons — which is something no fan needs to be reminded of,” Rank writes. “I don’t believe the 49ers are regressing or anything like that, but thereareteams that are starting to get a little bit better, including the Lions, who nearly kept them from making it to the Super Bowl last season. I’m not suggesting by any stretch of the imagination that Kyle Shanahan is in danger of losing his job if the 49ers don’t win it all this season. I do think he understands the assignment, knowing that the franchise has won five Lombardi Trophies but none since 1994.”

Shanahan is entering his eighth season as a head coach. In the history of the NFL, only two head coaches took 8 seasons or longer to win their first Super Bowl with their first team — John Madden and Bill Cowher. It’s possible Shanahan will become the third head coach to accomplish this feat. Or it’s possible he has reached his peak with the 49ers and he won’t win a Super Bowl until he goes to another team. Or it’s possible he won’t win one ever.