South Asian stories are frequently infused with culture

South Asian stories are frequently infused with culture and mythology, capturing the nuances and complexities of a long, rich, and complex past. Historical elements interwoven with societal commentary are a prevalent thread in many South Asian stories, and this list is no exception. Many of these texts explore the effects of colonialism, societal hierarchy, and gender norms.

When gods and demons and religious practices continue to play a role in the daily lives of many South Asians, it’s only logical that they should also appear in our work.

My novel Island Witch is a gothic reimagining of Sri Lanka’s best-known folktale. Set in the 1800s, Amara is the daughter of a demon-priest, an ancient ritual that the peasants now avoid. When men begin to disappear in the bush, it is up to Amara to find answers. The following are seven books inspired by Indian, Sri Lankan, and Pakistani mythology, tradition, and history.