Unbelievable; so sad Brisbane Broncos have decided to let go of a great Coach Kevin Walters due to his…

Brisbane Broncos coach Kevin Walters has declared that it’s time to move on from the incident involving Broncos captain Adam Reynolds and vice-captain Patrick Carrigan.


The pair were filmed wrestling outside a Brisbane venue on Sunday in front of concerned onlookers. The matter has since been sent to the NRL Integrity Unit who are investigating the brawl.


Carrigan and Reynolds fronted the media on Tuesday morning and expressed remorse for their actions.


“We were in a public place, we were mucking around and it got a bit heated. We’re just glad no one got hurt or injured,” Reynolds said in his press conference to the media.


Walters said the pair had made a simple mistake for which the club has addressed internally and wants to put behind them.


“Thankfully there’s some football this weekend because it’ll be a good distraction,” Walters told SENQ 693.


“The boys were more than happy to own what they had done rather than try to hide from it.


“There is nothing to this. They get on famously (and) I felt sorry for the boys because I know how good friends they are.


“They made a poor decision on Sunday night and they are paying the consequences for that decision.


“I’m no angel myself (but) it’s just one of those things that has unfortunately happened and we are getting on with things.


“I’m just expecting a fine which the men involved are totalling in agreeance with.