Will the Lakers draft Bronny James and miss out on a chance to pick better talent? Here’s what….

Bronny James, standing at 6-foot-2 and weighing 210 pounds, made 25 appearances for USC during his freshman year of college basketball, albeit in a limited capacity. He averaged 19.4 minutes per game, contributing 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game.


As for LeBron James, he is widely expected to opt out of his contract this summer, potentially seeking more financial security even if he intends to stay with the Lakers. The prospect of playing alongside his son could be a significant factor in LeBron’s decision-making process.



The idea of Bronny joining the Lakers and potentially playing alongside his father has generated considerable excitement among fans. While the current rumors suggest that the Lakers may not use their No. 17 pick on Bronny, the possibility of securing him later in the draft or through a strategic move remains open.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski discussed the Lakers’ draft plans on “The Woj Pod” podcast, revealing that the team isn’t currently considering Bronny James at No. 17. He suggested that if the Lakers are interested in Bronny, they could target him later in the draft or consider moving up to secure him. According to Wojnarowski, “there’s no reason to take him at 17. If you wanted to take him earlier than 55, you could move up some places but you are just giving away value.”


Despite the speculation, it seems that the Lakers are not planning to make a move for Bronny with their current pick. This decision aligns with Wojnarowski’s analysis of the situation, indicating that the Lakers are unlikely to use their No. 17 selection on Bronny.